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Our favourite product review last month was.....

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We just love the product reviews we receive and especially when they contain product suggestions. Linda from South Australia wins our favourite review prize for last month

Linda said....Just a thought - would you be able to make coin purses similar to the sunglasses case (1/3 size)? Sometimes circular coin purse is awkward! Otherwise love your stuff!

Thanks Linda, we will look at our coin purse shape next time we make them. A small gift is on its way to you.


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Our favourite product review last month was.....

I just love it when our lovely customers experience exactly what we hoped they would from the items we design. Last month Rebecca from WA wrote in a review of our Baby Organiser Bag on our website...."Just what i was looking for, no need to carry a big nappy bag everywhere!"Thanks Rebecca, glad we could [...]

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Bonus Bag Organiser Promotion Ends Today!

Today is the last day to order one of our handbags and receive a bonus standard linen organiser valued at $34.95 completey free!

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New Website Today!!

Hello friendsAfter many months of planning, writing, cataloging, photography and technical stuff - here it is, our shiny new website. We took a completely new approach and changed nearly everything, in an effort to make our site easier and more enjoyable for our customers. Fewer categories, all new & larger product images, clearer navigation and search [...]

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Staying Organised Day to Day

Do you look organised on the outside, but when you open your bag it is a big mess?That is me!Fortunately I don’t carry much in my handbag. Just my wallet, pen, phone, glasses, sunnies, lipstick and a plethora of old receipts and paperwork. I’ve learned to use my phone for everything. So I don’t carry [...]

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Do you pass the Healthy Handbag Test?

Handbags are useful for carrying the essentials, looking good on your arm, and also — surprise — for keeping you healthy!Here are the top 7 suggestions for healthy items to pop in your handbag.And to keep them from leaking all over your bag, don’t forget to store them in your bragbags organiser!1. sunscreen and hatSkin [...]

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Is your fashion handbag making you sick?

Are you ready to be disgusted by your handbag’s contents? Or even… get sick?Apparently the outside is pretty gross.There may be Fecal bacteria?Ugh.And the inside is equally sickening.Hazard number 1 – your phoneNot only are these handy devices laced with horrid bacteria, but also, you can know get ‘texter’s thumb’! According to Virgin Mobile, [...]

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Silk from Vietnam

I’m just back from another trip to Vietnam. It is where I have our unique designs made into reality, by the wonderfully talented ladies that I work with.I’m always asked about what I do, and how I do it, so I thought I’d share a little bit in the next few blogs.Choosing silkI like to [...]

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More on manufacturing in Vietnam

So last week I asked Jenny why here bags were made in Vietnam. made for interesting reading!Another interesting thing you may not know about bragbags is that Jenny is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.What does this mean?Well firstly it means supporting businesses who do NOT use sweatshops or factories. [...]

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Why Vietnam?

Now if you have been reading along at home you will know that last week I decided I wanted to find out how the bragbags bags are made. I love knowing the story behind the products I love! So my last post talked you all through the design process and now we are at the [...]

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