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Our Story

bragbags australia is a Perth-based designer and distributer of handbags, organisers and accessories - founded in 1994.

We design all our products in Perth and have them handmade in Vietnam, working with cooperatives of talented artisans steeped in 1000 year-old Vietnamese hand-embroidery traditions and legendary French tailoring skills. 

bragbags australia is a business based upon a clear set of social objectives: supporting the women of Vietnam in ethical working conditions and fair trade principles. It is important to use established Vietnamese businesses to ensure that the women working there are able to support their families, and that fair trade principles can be assured.


We value the provenance of each item we design, produce and sell. When you purchase a bragbags product you are not only receiving a beautiful item, but also inheriting the story behind it; tracing the bag’s journey from the hands of artisans to its resting place by your side.

There is a growing awareness and hunger in our Western culture to move away from the mass-produced and toward the handmade, to feel that sense of connection to the things around us. And that's what we strive for: to produce products that are handcrafted, beautiful, useful and ethical.

bragbags australia



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